Janet Moore

"Saul Alegria's 'A Brown Horse'"

Tapestry measures 42"x24"

I was taken with the images created by Saul Alegria of the NIAD Art Center in Richmond, CA, and asked Saul for permission to weave a selection of his watercolors into tapestry. He agreed, and since 2008, I have created several tapestries from his designs. I felt a connection with the images, graphic design, and thought they would render well in handwoven tapestry. Please contact me for more information.

"Saul Alegria's 'A Zebra'" 

"A Zebra" has proven to be a collaborative tapestry, with an added border designed to complement the image of the trotting Zebra! This tapestry measures about 55"x38" and would be delightful in a child's room.

"Saul Alegria's 'A Common  Iguana'" 

and "Saul Alegria's 'Aardwolf'"

 "Iguana " 22"x36", and is woven of wools on cotton warp. A very cheerful companionable Iguana!   "Aardwolf" is a shaped tapestry, 44"x32", wool on cotton.   These tapestries are available.


woven by

Janet Moore

The designs on this page were created by Saul Alegria and woven by Janet Moore.  Collaborations with other artists are part of my repertoire. Please contact me if you have a project in mind. These tapestries are available.