Janet Moore Tapestry Studio

I weave tapestry for pleasure and artistic expression. The act of weaving connects me with people far and wide, ancient and modern. It brings me into contact with animals and their products; plants and where they grow. I depict rivers and The River nurtures all. All the paths weaving has led me on are true, heartful, and fulfilling.
The power of art to free an individual to express a sense of beauty, longing, ecstasy; an inner monologue of whispers, songs, thrills, and other evidence of liveliness is a great gift to us all. Art gives us an acute sense of engagement, accomplishment, and pleasure. Picking up a brush, a lump of clay, a shuttle, needle, jeweler’s tools require a sense of adventure and courage: a willingness to find something to ‘talk about.’ Humanity has used tapestry to ‘talk about’ many things. I continue this journey, as cloth still has great meaning for me. Not just to cover and warm myself, but to tell my stories.

janet@janetmooretapestry.com Janet Moore

With support from the Regional Arts Commission of Saint Louis
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